"They’re one of the few things I have left of her. They’re very precious to me… as are you, Claire."

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b e c a u s e   i   w a n t e d   y o u , more than anything i’ve ever wanted in my life

ye are blood of my blood, and bone of my bone.
i give ye my body, that we two might be one.
i give ye my spirit, ’til our life shall be done.


ye are b l o o d  o f  m y  b l o o d
                  and b o n e  o f  m y  b o n e


Very precious to me. 

               A s   a r e   y o u ,  C l a i r e .


Claire & Jamie through their adventure together.

It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss…


'I remember every moment. Every second. I'll never forget when I came out of the church and saw you for the first time. It was as if I stepped outside on a cloudy day…and suddenly the sun came out.

there’s a certain pain in my ass that’s called EA

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