how to seductively undress yourself and still stay focused on your beloved one: a guide by Erik

i really enjoyed the new doctor. peter capaldi was a good watch.

he reminded me of a less goofy fourth doctor. and his dynamic with clara was amazing. you still see that lost little boy element the doctor has always had too at the end of the episode. 

i’m definitely sticking around for him.


Indira Varma (the voice of Vivienne) in a skit with jessicamerizan!

This may, in fact, be the best thing ever. Indira, aside from being an absolutely perfect Vivienne, is so completely game. :)

OUAT men + ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Colin O’Donoghue doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. (x)

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that moment when you thought you had a long lasting mutual follow with someone only to find out they unfollowed you and recently just started following you again


Peter Jöback’s six most iconic roles (in no particular order): 

1. The Phantom, Phantom of the Opera (West End/Broadway) 
2. Robert, Kristina från Duvemåla (originated) (Malmö/Stockholm) 
3. Sweeney, Sweeney Todd (Stockholm) 
4. Chris, Miss Saigon (West End) 
5. Emcee, Cabaret (Copenhagen, Stockholm) 
6. Michael, Witches of Eastwick (originated) (West End)